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This site is no longer operational but I keep it on-line because I just can't destroy something that took me so much time to build.

web designWe are professional web designers specialized in the following services for small businesses: web site design, site translation and optimization.

We also create one-page minisites in many languages and do project management for the translation of sites into Italian, French, Hungarian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Greek, Arabic and Turkish.

web designWe design affordable, clear-cut, fast-loading sites. Essential information is presented in an easy-to-access, easy-to-understand format. The visitor is led smoothly through the site rather than being intimidated or confused by overly complicated effects. No tinker-toy technology.

A quick look at the sites we have constructed will provide the proof: they load quickly, and the products they promote are correctly focused. It takes only a click or two to reach any page.

Web Site development

web designCreating Web Sites including part or all of the following: planning, text writing, graphics, html editing and registering the site with the appropriate search engines plus minor adjustments on request free of charge for two months after delivery.

Web Site overhaul/customization

e-commerceCustomizing e-commerce sites. Please see shop selling manual slicers, electric food slicers, refurbished vintage Berkel slicers and kitchen equipment:
ReshapeReshaping your current web site or a part of it.
NewAdding new sections (for example spare part ordering with automatic forms and password).
languagesAdding sections in Italian, French, German, Spanish, and other languages. This includes minor amendments to the text on request free of charge for two months after delivery.

Site maintenance

Only for the sites we have created, overhauled or optimized.

One-page sites at fixed price: our e-passport minisites

MaintenanceAvailable in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian and Czech.
DescriptionIncluding a description of your products and company and part or all of the following: planning, text editing, graphics, html editing.
Site hostingPlus: site hosting, appropriate search engine registration and minor adjustments on request free of charge for two months after delivery.

Localization, translation and copywriting

LocalizationSite translation management by a translator turned web designer. Includes manual search engine registration and hosting, if required.
TranslationTechnical translation management: Manuals, brochures and other documents in a variety of languages;
PresentationWriting presentation text directly in the language selected.

So, if you need a new site, or if you would like your current site re-designed, optimised, or translated, why not contact us?
Getting in touch is a click-of-the-mouse away (see our Inquiry Form).

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